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The livestock business is one safe and fast grow in agricultural sector in worldwide. With the aim of increasing the productivities of livestock production and artificial breeding, promoting good breeds, ensuring the sustainable growth of animal production and the family economy. Look at fruitful, of our I7 Ranch Cambodia has been developing a very significant result in the last decade in the field of livestock such as provide cattle services, semen, breeds, genetics, feeds, minerals, equipment and machineries, etc.

Since we are well-known reputation company in the country and worldwide, we have received massive supports from many people who have acknowledged our successful projects, especially the Project I7 breeding and genetics station at I7 Ranch Cambodia head center. I7 Ranch Cambodia head center is located in the east of Phnom Penh city at Vishear Sour Development zone. In accordance with our special programs, the clients are able to allowed to buy semen, feeds, cattle breeds, AI Breeding service package, cattle feeding and daycare service, we have plan to build new livestock business center, agricultural university, commercial area, industrial area, sport and complex area, tourist area and so on. Furthermore, we can also provide consultation and support to the domestic and international investors who are interested in investing in our country concerning and develop projects.

A significant to participate in the development of livestock, live animal, animal feed, selection and breeding of animals such as cattle, horses, goats and sheep to grow in line with the context of economic and social development, especially in the context of global epidemics during Crossing Covid-19.

We are looking forwards to cooperating with you.
Thank you.
Srey Chanthou
President & Founder I7 Ranch Cambodia.


I7 RANCH CAMBODIA was established from HP Farm since 2005, located in 7NG Vihear Suor developing zone, Khsach Kandal, Kandal Province. In 2010, the HP farm also have been the first imported Brahman from Australia in Cambodia. I7 RANCH continue to import seven new type of cattle breeds such as Brahman, Nellore, Beefmaster, Angus, Wagyu, Indo-Brazil and Hostin dairy cows from different countries since as: USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Thailand. On the 22nd 2021, I7 RANCH also imported hundreds heads of brahman cattle from the well-known farms in USA such as ST-HK, JDH, Heritage, BRC and V8, etc. i7 Ranch Cambodia is recognized as the first leading and famous in cattle genetic development worldwide.

Our Vision

A leading agriculture livestock commercial center and agriculture center.


- To gather a place for training and distribution of technology in the agricultural livestock sector

- To create a market for farmers and traders, easy to trade

- To provide the best quality and pricing of livestock products and services to the clients.

- To be international produce and develop livestock breeding and genetics in Asia. Moreover, we are committed to research and develop our approach in order to discover and up to date all livestock science & technology equipment to reduce cost of products for the clients.

Professional Product and Service

We are the best known for business livestock development including breeding, semen, genetics, feeding, minerals, equipment, machinery, technologies, cattle barn design and construction 7NG Vihear Suor developing zone, Khsach Kandal, Kandal Province, I7 Ranch at Ourang District, Mondulkiri Province and I7 Ranch Brazil. Our business also in-clude Real estate, industry, resort, tourism and distribution. I7 Ranch Cambodia (I7 Breeding Station and Kandal and Mondulkiri Province), I7 Ranch Brazil, I7 Ranch USA are our achievement of the approaching of new development to the market’s needs.


- I7 Live Animal

- I7 Sex semen from well-known worldwide farm such as: V8, ST-HK, JDH...

- I7 Feeding & Mineral

- I7 Equipment & machineries


- I7 Cattle Service

- Cattle Feeding and Daycare Service

- Cattle Treatment and Vaccines Service

- Cattle AI Breeding Service

- Auction

- New Cattle business Designing and consultation service

- Cattle Barn Design and construction service

- I7 Ranch Mondulkiri Project

- I7 Ranch Brazil

- Cattle Sale and Marketing consultation service

- Animal-Expo